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Irma Harms

Creative Technologist


During module 6 I spend part of my time on a challenge that involved taking photos with my new camera: the Nikon D5600, and then edit those photos. Some of those photos can be found in the post in a before-after style (for edited p...


At has now been 3 weeks since the actual Spokentoch happend. A lot has happend between the last update and the actual event. Let me get you up to speed:

During the summer holidays up until the event we met every Sunday for about 5 t...


For professional Development I took on a big challenge which will take 3 modules to complete. I am one of the organizers of the biggest ghost tour of the north of the Netherlands. This means that most of my Sundays I will be workin...


During the last module of the fourth year, my projectgroup and I worked on an installation for the festival GOGBOT. The theme was 'Intergalactic'. After a lot of brainstorming, we came up with an intuitive game in which you can mod...


In the fourth module, we got the chance to follow a series of guest lectures. One of these guest lectures ended in an assignment for which we had to write about a digital art piece before 2000. The picture below is the one I wrote...


During my first year of Creative Technology, I learned how to program in processing. I started of knowing nothing about programming, and I'm proud of myself that I am now able to create what you can see in the picture. This program...

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